Three “Mukomeze” students graduated!

Three “Mukomeze” students graduated!

In 2010, 5 students started their studies at the university with funding we obtained from Stichting Westeinde. Four of the women were orphaned as a result of the genocide, during which their mothers endured sexual violence; one woman was herself a survivor of rape. Last year we informed you about the graduation of two of them. Now we are very happy to announce that the other three students have graduated as well. After four years of studies and successfully defending their theses, they have successfully completed their bachelor degree in Accounting.

The women – now in their late twenties, early thirties – have been extremely grateful and happy that they were given the opportunity to pursue their university studies. In this way the Mukomeze Foundation has provided for something their parents would have given them otherwise, if they had not been killed during the genocide. As one of the women testified:

“I have no better words to thank my sponsors for the kind assistance, support and love that you have always showed me ever since I got to know you. I feel like I am your family and so thankful because few people who can commit in paying all that large amounts of money to people with nothing like me, God bless you for giving me a future.”

Education is key in the fast developing economy of Rwanda, so there is no better gift than education for these young women. If you are interested in sponsoring other women to pursue their studies at the university or elsewhere, please contact us for more details.

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