A Community Development Fund for Rusatira Community

A Community Development Fund for Rusatira Community

During the course of two years (2012-2013), Soroptimistclub Bommelerwaard fund-raised for the Mukomeze Foundation through various activities. As a result, on 16 May 2014 a cheque of €3600 was given to the Mukomeze Foundation. While initially a housing project was planned, the raised amount was better suited for a community development fund. Our partner organisation Solace Ministries has committed itself to set up community development funds for all of their communities, in order to ensure sustainable development. Currently we are focusing on empowering more than 250 women in 9 communities in the south of Rwanda. With the funds raised by the Soroptimistclub Bommelerwaard, the fund for the Rusatira community composed of 70 beneficiaries could be established. Women within the Rusatira community can now take small loans to assist in their agricultural or business activities. This loan might be used to set up a complete new business or to support in the agricultural activities the women are currently undertaking. Some women are, for example, too old to work on the fields and as a result cannot sell the crops from the lands. With a small amount these women can hire someone to harvest, after which they can sell the crops and make more profit.

During the trip of the Mukomeze Foundation to Rwanda in June 2014, we handed over the cheque of €3600 to Jean Gakwandi (the director of Solace Ministries) and Marie and Christine (members of the Rusatira community and part of the Mukomeze sponsorship programme). They were very excited when receiving the news that their community will benefit from the funds raised by the Soroptimistclub Bommelerwaard.

With a payback rate of 89% the community development fund has proven to be a very efficient tool of Solace Ministries in empowering agricultural communities. In this way communities can grow towards self-sustainability. If you are interested in investing in a community development fund, please contact us for more details (HYPERLINK). We are currently still looking for people or companies that wish to invest in a community development fund for 6 other communities in the South.

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