Unlike sponsorships, our projects are focused on a group of female survivors of sexual violence of the genocide. Its purpose is, in line with the sponsorships, empowering a group of women, by promoting their economic independence and increasing their self- confidence.

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Aim projects
Projects have the advantage that they counteract stigmatization, expand the network of friends and “family” and provide help with trauma processing. Since survivors co-operate in a project together, a common bond is created, and, for a while, they forget about their traumatic experiences from 1994. In some projects not only female victims of sexual violence participate, but also other genocide survivors as well as non-genocide survivors (e.g. perpetrators of the genocide, children who have not experienced the genocide or Rwandans who were not in Rwanda during the genocide, but returned afterwards). In this way, we try to “break through” stigmatisation because of sexual violence and HIV/AIDS as well as “alleged” differences in ethnicity. A number of our projects are designed to acquire an income and are furthermore aimed at the cultivation of nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and nuts; these being especially important for improving the condition of women who must use heavy HIV/AIDS medication.

Project proposals are drawn up by Solace Ministries in consultation with the individuals/communities concerned. The choice of projects depends upon the priorities of the survivors and the available funds of the donor. In consultation with the Mukomeze Foundation, the project is further developed and refined. Solace Ministries monitors the project and reports to Mukomeze Foundation, who then reports its findings to the donor. As a rule, projects begin after Solace Ministries receives money from the Mukomeze Foundation. The projects are then implemented within a certain period (realized), and officially ended the moment the Mukomeze Foundation receives the final report from Solace Ministries. The donor then gives its approval to this report. The Mukomeze Foundation tries to implement projects within the fields of education, livestock farming and agriculture, commerce, housing and industry.

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