Other ways to help

Other ways to help

There are many other ways in which you can support our work by:

• making a one-time donation;

• inviting us to your organization, school, company, rotary club, lion’s club or church, where we would be pleased to present the work we do;

purchasing our products: (Christmas) cards made of banana leaves, peace baskets, jewellery and bags handcrafted by women who survived sexual violence;

• buying the book “The Men Who Killed Me” with testimonials of survivors of sexual violence or the black and white portraits (by photographer Samer Muscati) culminating from the book;

• featuring the photo-exhibition “The Men Who Killed Me”;

• asking your friends, relatives and acquaintances to donate to the Mukomeze Foundation instead of buying presents for special occasions;

· Support, as company or organisation, a certain project by which a group of women is supported. For example women in agriculture or buidling/restoring houses;

• being actively involved in the work of the Mukomeze Foundation as a volunteer. For example, by acquiring funds for Mukomeze, by spreading the word about Mukomeze, by offering your qualities (dentists, ICT, doctors, translations, etc.) to Solace Ministries or Mukomeze, etc.

• Make a donation to cover the general costs that Solace Ministries in Rwanda has to make. These are costs that Solace Ministries has to make to realise the aims of the Mukomeze Foundation. Think of administration costs, personell costs and transport costs.

• Include the Mukomeze Foundation in your legacy.

We welcome all your ideas to empower these women!

A number of people and organisations have helped and sponsored us in many different ways. Click here for an overview of a number of these people and organisations.

The Mukomeze Foundation also aims to fulfill some of the UN Millennium Development Goals.