Vision and mission statement

Vision and mission statement

The Mukomeze Foundation improves the conditions of life of women and girls who survived different forms of sexual violence during the Rwandan genocide of 1994. In the national language of Rwanda, Mukomeze means “empower her”. The purpose of the Mukomeze Foundation is to positively impact the lives of these women and girls by attending to their physical, psychological, material, social, economical and spiritual needs in order to contribute to their “empowerment”. Even more than 20 years after the genocide this support is still very necessary: many survivors of sexual violence live in poverty, have health problems, such as HIV/AIDS and recurring trauma, live in bad conditions or have no shelter at all, and have limited access to education.

Our vision

We can contribute to the “empowerment” of female survivors of sexual violence, by supporting them physically, psychologically, materially, socially, economically and spiritually; helping them to become self-supporting and giving them hope for a dignified future.

Our mission

Mukomeze means in Kinyarwanda, – the national language of Rwanda, – “Empower her”. By improving the circumstances of their lives, the Mukomeze Foundation supports women and girls who have survived rape and other forms of sexual violence during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. (*)

Make a difference and support a survivor of sexual violence in Rwanda.

Our principle: 1 euro in, 1 euro out
This is our point of departure which we cannot fully realize. That is why necessary expenses, such as the costs for money transfer, the annual costs of the website, and the annual contribution to the Chamber of Commerce comprise no more than 3% of our yearly budget. We strive to finance the overhead costs (including paper, print, mail and travel costs) through sponsors. Furthermore, the board of the Mukomeze Foundation consists of volunteers only. The Mukomeze Foundation has no office; the members of the board carry out all their operations from home. Thus, the bulk of our budget will benefit the women of Rwanda!

(*) During the genocide, men were sometimes also victims of sexual violence. For them to speak openly about what happened to them is sometimes even more difficult than for women, due to an even greater stigma by the community. Where needed, the Mukomeze Foundation also supports them.