Partner in Rwanda

Partner in Rwanda

Solace Ministries is a local non-governmental (and therefore private) organization and our partner organization in Rwanda. The organization was founded in 1995 by Jean Gakwandi, with the aim to help victims of the genocide. Jean Gakwandi, Director of Solace Ministries, is himself a survivor of the genocide. Solace Ministries supports in particular widows, orphans and women who were raped during the genocide and many of them, infected with HIV / AIDS.

Please watch the short films about the work of Solace Ministries for survivors of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Features an interview with Jean Gakwandi.

Features support services for survivors.

Solace Ministries strives in a comprehensive (holistic) manner to meet the needs of genocide survivors, by providing them with physical, psychological, material, socio-economic and spiritual support. For more information about the organisation, have a look at their website

Through Solace Ministries, the Mukomeze Foundation is able to reach the women and girls who have survived sexual violence. Solace Ministries is in continuous, ongoing contact with these women and therefore also with the women who are supported by the Mukomeze Foundation. A joint cooperation agreement has been signed between the Mukomeze Foundation and Solace Ministries, in which all agreements are described.